You are paying too much New Jersey state income tax – and it’s nobody’s fault but your own!

Most NJ taxpayers concentrate on their federal tax return and spend minimal time on their NJ return, simply taking numbers from the 1040 and putting them on the NJ-1040.  As a result they are paying more NJ state tax than necessary, often paying tax on income that is not even taxed by NJ.

By becoming informed on NJ state tax law and using proper tax planning you can make sure that you pay the absolute least amount of NJ Gross Income Tax possible for your particular situation.

I have been preparing NJ-1040s for as long as there has been a NJ-1040, and federal income tax returns for even longer.  I have created a newsletter titled THE NJ-1040 LETTER to share my knowledge and experience from over 40 years as a professional tax preparer to help you experience the joy of avoiding NJ state taxes.

Published 6 times a year (January, February, March, April, July, and October), each issue will contain valuable NJ state tax-saving advice and information, updates on NJ state tax law, NJDOT rules and regulations, court cases, and the special NJ property tax relief programs, and links to online resources to help you in planning for an preparing your NJ-1040.  Also included in each issue will be special forms, schedules, and worksheets to help you during the year and at tax time.

This is the only publication that I am aware of that deals exclusively with tax planning and preparation advice for the NJ-1040.

A one-year subscription to THE NJ-1040 LETTER delivered as a pdf email attachment is only $11.95.  A print edition sent via postal mail is also available for $24.95. 

Subscribers will be offered special discounts on other tax-saving reports throughout the year.

You can download a free copy of the premiere July 2016 issue by clicking here.

To order your subscription send your check or money order, payable to TAXES AND ACCOUNTING, INC, for $11.95 or $24.95 and your email or postal address to –



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